The Perils Of Difficult Packaging

There is an unspoken truth that, when someone purchases an item, the package will eventually be opened. Occasionally there is a failure in packaging and...


Customer Packaging Preferences

Many consumers buy products for a specific reason. They may need the product, or they might be purchasing it as a gift. These reasons will...


If They See It, They May Buy It

Manufactured products are only as good as their sales. Companies must sell the items they produce in order to achieve their profit goals. Packaging design...

Packaging plays a large role in consumer sales. It must be colorful enough to attract attention and sturdy enough to protect the contents during the move to its final destination. It must be cost effective for shipping a product by assuring a maximum number of units fit together in one carton or crate. To do all this effectively, packaging requires attention to detail in its design phase. Each component must be considered equally important and produce results to be considered a success.